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UYDEL's Core Values


1. Respect for human rights: UYDEL commits to treating everyone justly in accordance with the need for fair balance between individual entitlements and interests of society. UYDEL will be guided by Human Rights Based approaches, upholding individuals\' fundamental rights and respecting and promoting group rights in all dealings within the organization and in society.

2. Non-discrimination: UYDEL treasures human beings in the implementation of its programs and strives to work with all people without discrimination.

3. Transparency: UYDEL supports consultation and participation of all stakeholders at all stages of their interventions and accountability to the communities they serve. UYDEL will continuously advocate for a responsive and accountable system that provides quality services to the consumers at all times.

4. Integrity: Every member of the UYDEL staff, board and partners shall strive to maintain the highest standard of personal integrity in their dealings within the organization, with other stakeholders and their personal lives. This means that one must act in wholesome pursuance of the true good/destiny of human persons, exercise reasonable judgment in all situations, hold steadfastly true to their commitments, and demonstrate honesty and reliability in all circumstances.

5. Participation: UYDEL recognizes the fact that participation in processes legitimizes their claim on collective outputs and outcomes is critical, and provides identification and application of alternative approaches to the change that the organization seeks through the challenges and opportunities it will encounter. This will drive UYDEL's promotion of participatory approaches to decision making and action taking at all levels in the organization.

6. Team work: UYDEL values the strength of team work to achieve its goal. Its functional teams are built within the organization and among its partners to efficiently implement its programs.